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I'm Biased

Welcome! Today is day 3 of the Julianne Blog Tour for DIBY Club! If you've missed any of the previous days, check them out below, and make sure to search out tomorrow's awesome offerings.

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This is my very first time to participate in a blog tour and I'm excited to be here and so glad you could join me. I'm bringing to you a bias tape hack for the full placket, drawstring casing, drawstring, and collar. This hack is more due to my penchant for time saving (aka laziness) than anything else, and is so simple. All I used was 1 package each of 7/8 inch and 1/2 inch double fold bias tape in a coordinating color. So, without further ado, let's get started...

The Full Placket

For this step you will need the 7/8 inch wide double fold bias tape. I found mine at my local JoAnn Fabrics.
You will need to remove 1" from the placket edge on each of the front bodice pieces. I removed mine after having cut out my pattern pieces, but this alteration could easily be accomplished by folding the edge of your pattern piece back 1" prior to cutting it out of your fabric. Now, measure and cut a length of tape that equals the length of your full placket. Make sure to cut 2, one for each front bodice piece.
Next, sew or serge the unfolded tape to the right side of your placket edge, making sure the wider side of the tape goes toward the wrong side of your project. Believe me it makes a difference.
When you have the raw edges serged, encase them in the fold of the bias tape and edgestitch the tape to your project with the right side facing up.
Leave the ends unfinished for now. You will finish them with the collar construction and hemming.

The Drawstring Casing

For this step you will need the 1/2" bias tape. Measure and cut a length that will extend from one edge of your project to the other along the marks you transferred from the bodice pattern pieces to your fabric.
Unfold the bias tape and iron out the center fold. Also turn the short ends under 1/4" and iron.
Attach the casing to your projet as per the tutorial. Easy peasy!

The Drawstring

You will again be using the 1/2" double fold bias tape. Measure out a length per the cut list located in the tutorial, then proceed to Step 5 of Creating a Drawstring. Even easier peasier!

The Collar

For the collar you will again need the 7/8" wide bias tape.
1. Measure out the length you will need against your garment neckline + 1" for seam allowance.
2. Unfold the tape at the center fold and refold with right sides together.
3. Stitch one short edge at 1/2" seam allowance and trim to 1/8".
4. Place the collar so that the seam allowance lines up with the placket edge.
Unfold the tape and line up the raw edge of the bias tape with the raw edge of the neckline and sew or serge in place making sure to leave 1" at each end not sewn or serged.
Turn the bias tape right side out and encase the neckline edge with the bias tape.
Repeat steps 2-4 above at the other end of the collar and neckline then edge stitch the tape into place.
Admire your bias tape collar.

The Final Result

Find The Julianne here (affil link). It will be on sale for $8.99 through 11/10/17.
For this version I used a Crepon from Sly Fox Fabrics. You can find it here:
Want more? A gallery of tester photos can be found here and here's a release roundup. An extra 15% discount code can be found by subscribing to the Sewing Insider email list on the round up post.
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